Sonoma, CA – Grateful Bluegrass Boys have released a compact disc of tracks from their recent studio effort in Inverness, California at Owl Mountain Studios, with the venerable Ethan Turner handling the engineering role.  The tracks were done live, with all of the musicians performing in the same room, at the same time.

Ethan Turner at his desk atop Owl Mountain.

The eponymous title features all covers of classic rock, with some traditional bluegrass to round out the mix.  Among the titles is only one Grateful Dead song, while the rest include Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon and Willie Nelson.  Dave Glasser of AirShow Mastering (Boulder, CO) assisted in the final phase of the production.

Handmade original artwork done by Aaron Redner’s wife, Alexa River Redner.

Aaron Redner: fiddle, mandolin, vocals
David Thom: guitar, mandolin, vocals
Ben Jacobs: accordions
Isaac Cantor: banjo
Bryan Horne: upright bass

Online ordering coming soon. For more information, send an email to aaronredner at

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